Do you have a shareholders’ meeting here in Anchorage and you need a record?  Oh, you not only need a record, but you’d like your shareholders in remote Alaska and everywhere else around the globe to be able to participate in the meeting?  Or, you need us to go to remote Alaska and webcast your meeting out to the rest of the world?  Well, if you have a meeting—anywhere—we can provide you with a record and we can help you give access to everyone who wished they could have made it but for those old problems of time and distance. 

That’s right.  We’ve got tons of experience using our technology to make time and distance almost disappear in our Great Land.  Pretty neat trick, eh?  Yeah, we think so too. 

So, just give us a call at 907-337-2221 and you can have your meeting and leave all the record and access issues to us.  No problem.



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